Board of Directors

FODFS Board Members 2012

Board members and mentors gathered during the December Luncheon, 2011. From left, top: Amanda Allen, Geri Shea, Katherine Backman, Debbie Applebee, Susan Clarke, Katie O. Whalen-Elsbree, Claudia Lichtenberger, Cheryl Ward, Alyne Strusser and MaryJo Macomber. From left, bottom: Mary Annette Hall, Keisa Williams, Wendy Batterson and Darcy Enarson.

Founding Members:

      Jackie Anderson, Retired Social Worker


      Katie O. Whalen-Elsbree, Retired Educator


      Mary Jo Macomber, Nurse


      Bonnie Feinman, Retired Social Worker


      Bertie Berger-Darr, Retired Educator



      Amanda Allen, Educator


      Debbie Applebee, Educator


      Kathrine Backman, CPA


      Shonta Battle, Former Scholarship Recipient


      Jo Berman, Vice Principal of Mark Twain H.S.


      Sade Burrell, Former Scholarship Recipient


      Susan Clarke, Motivational Speaker


      Darcy Enarson, Nurse


      Mary Annette Hall, Retired Teacher


      Charles Lee, Retired Director of S.D. County Court Schools


      Claudia Lichtenberger, Retired Business Woman


      Shari Lieton-Lopez, Former Scholarship Recipient


      Mary Jo Macomber, Nurse


      Homa Rafii, Retired School Librarian


      Geri Shea, Retired Educator


      Alyne Strusser, Retired Educator


      Cheryl Ward, Retired Grant Writer


      Katie O. Whalen-Elsbree, Retired Educator


Dollars for Scholar Showcase

Fostering Opportunities leaders, pictured with Arnie Ojeda,at the Dollars for Scholars Showcase in San Diego.